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Crystal Healing Acupuncture

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Diagnosis and Treatment:

During the first consultation, the practitioner aims to determine the nature of the disharmony in the patient's mind / body by careful questioning and observation.

A detailed understanding is required of the patient's symptoms, past medical and family history, lifestyle and diet, and of all the systems in the body such as digestion and circulation, sleep patterns and emotional feelings.

Diagnosis may also include examination of the tongue for it's structure, colour and coating and of the pulses of the wrists, which are felt for their quality, rhythm and strength.

During acupuncture treatment, needles are either inserted for a second or two or left in place for up to 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the effect required. During this time there may be a heavy sensation in the limbs and a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Treatment with acupuncture can produce rapid results but more often it requires a number of treatments over a period of time.

Services available:

  • Crystal Healing Acupuncture
    a new experience that combines three ancient forms of mind, body & soul care in one treatment.
    1. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
      Traditional Chinese Acupuncture works with the movement and normal flow of energy or "Chi" as it is known. Within the body there are energy circuits that connect different parts of the body. If a circuit is broken or blocked, energy can't flow so the area connected may not work to its full potential. Using acupuncture, I insert hair thin pins into the body at certain points to turn on or off this energy. In doing this, energy flow is restored and illness is cleared or averted. This is an ancient and proven heath system.
    2. Crystal Healing
      I use crystals placed at specific energy centres along the body as well as a crystal wand. Using this combination I clear the body and its energy field of any negativity. This is a very ancient form of healing that works at a subtle level, giving you a relaxed and unburdened feeling.
    3. Healing
      A relaxing non-intrusive treatment that can have profound results. I work with guidance and protection from the cosmos. This healing goes to where your subconscious mind decides is most beneficial to you. This type of healing has been around for thousands of years.

      1,2,3 The Combination
      The combination of treatment has a very profound, powerful and lasting effect. There is a deep feeling of peace and ease experienced which is difficult to obtain in this fast-paced, stressed out world of ours at the moment.

      Generally 3 to 5 treatments are sufficient to stimulate a change towards health and happiness.
  • Tuina Massage
    Tuina Massage is Chinese Medical Massage and has been used by the Chinese people as far back as 2700 B.C.
    If differs from other forms of massage in that it is also used to treat specific illness of an internal nature as well as musculoskeletal ailments.
  • Laser Therapy
    Laser Therapy is a modern method of applying acupuncture to a patient. It uses laser light to stimulate the acupuncture points without the need to puncture the skin. This procedure is safe, painless and quick and may be used on open wounds.
    It is a very suitable treatment for children or someone with a needle phobia.
  • M.A.P. Healing
  • Sports Massage
  • Muscle Release Therapy

Reflexology available by appointment with Cora McMahon.
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